Developed by Toby Fox. Released on September 15th,2015

Undertale is an indie RPG that released on PC. The game features an original story about a young child (named Frisk) who falls into another world known as "The Underground". The Underground is inhabited by monsters of varying shapes and sizes, with silly little names like "Sans" and "Papyrus". In this new world, you are trying to get back to your home, but the monsters will attack you and you can choose to kill them or let them go. Killing and sparing monsters will have varying effects on the game's story, so you need to be careful of what you choose to do in the game. The game currently has very high reviews on review websites and is a "10/10" on Steam with over 17,000 positive reviews.

I enjoyed Undertale very much. The story was very immersive, which was accomplished by the kinds of decisions you are forced to make in the game and also by responding to the very likeable characters in the game with certain dialogue options made me feel like I was really in the game. The music was extremely atmospheric and very fitting, adding on to the immersion in the game even more. The game's combat is fought in the form of a "mini-game" where you control a heart and maneuver it to avoid various objects thrown at you by the enemies you are fighting. The art style was very simplistic, but also very fitting for the game's overall atmosphere. If you have $10, I would highly recommend purchasing this game. I would probably rate this game a 10/10,it is a much higher quality of indie game than any other indie game I've played. It is a wonderful little adventure that can actually be completed in around 3-4 hours.



Directed by Ryan Coogler; Starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone

Creed is a movie that is supposed to be a spiritual successor to the 'Rocky' movies. This movie is about a young boxer, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), who wants to make a name for himself as a fighter. His father, however, is Apollo Creed, one of the best boxers in the world. Knowing he has a lot to live up to, young Adonis contacts Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), another great boxer who had retired after several years of boxing. Adonis begs Rocky to train him for a big fight, to which Rocky refuses to do upon being asked several times. After hearing Adonis's struggles and the obstacles he had to go through to get here, Rocky finally agrees to train him for a big fight versus the number one Pound for Pound boxer in the world. The two have hard times together, but they train hard and go through a lot together and it all pays off in the end.

After watching all of the 'Rocky' movies and waiting for 'Creed' to come out, I'd have to say that I was very satisfied by this movie. The movie held up as good as the original Rocky movies, and even followed the "Rocky Formula" (One montage, one major conflict, training, and a big fight that always ends up close). The film had its flaws here and there, but overall I was very happy with the outcome. The music was a little weak for a Rocky movie (0/10 no "Gonna Fly Now") but that was something I could look past. The movie had likeable and developed characters, a clear story, action, drama, and the climax was the better than any other Rocky movie I'd seen. I would rate this film a 9.5/10, and I would highly recommend going out to see this, even if you don't like boxing movies. Easily the best movie I saw in theaters all year.